Slurry Seal Features & Benefits

Slurry Seal is a premium, high-performance pavement surface treatment. It can be used for parking lots, shopping malls pavement and other high-traffic, low-speed pavement surfaces. Slurry Seal replenishes the pavement surface while providing a uniform black slip-resistant durable surface.

The Process:

  • Repair cracks and damaged asphalt prior to application.
  • Sweep entire surface prior to applying Slurry Seal.
  • Apply Slurry Seal by squeegee application at a coverage rate of 0.35 gallons per square yard. Application must be at a slow rate to ensure adhesion.
  • Apply second coat when required. First coat needs to be dry to the touch, usually 1-2 hours. Second coat should be applied at 0.20 - 0.25 gallons per square yard.
  • After Slurry Seal has been installed, marking may be done when dry. Usually requires 5-6 hours before opening to traffic.