Services Pathways

Asphalt walking paths or golf cart paths are installed in essentially the same manner as asphalt driveways. After the area has been excavated to allow for the depth of the new material installation, 4 to 6 inches of crushed limestone is installed and rolled. Two inches of hot asphalt is then installed and rolled.

Backfilling with dirt and seeding is often required. In addition, if the new path is cut into the side of the hill, in a switchback manner, some retaining wall installation may be required in order to keep the path level and yet not have a precipitous drop in the hillside, which would result in erosion.

* Excavate vegetation and dirt to approximately a 6" - 8" depth.
    * Roll sub base with vibratory rollers.
    * Install 4" - 6" of crushed limestone.
    * Roll for compaction.
    * Pave with approximately 2" of hot asphalt.
    * Roll for compaction.
    * Backfill the edge of the path with dirt.
    * Install seed and straw.
    * NOTE: Where paths are cut into the sides of the hills, install retaining walls as needed prior to installing rock and asphalt.