Seal Coating

Most asphalt pavements are built with a design life of between 25 and 30 years. This means that without routine maintenance, the entire lot should need to be removed and replaced at the end of its design life.

If a pavement is designed to handle light automobile traffic and is subsequently used for tractor trailers, it will fail prematurely. If however (as in most cases) a pavement is used as it was originally intended, routine maintenance can significantly increase the life of the pavement, even exceeding its original design life.

In addition to asphalt patching and crack sealing, sealcoating should be included as a routine maintenance item every 3 to 5 years. Sealcoating gives the structurally sound pavement an extra layer of protection against petroleum spills, the sun's harmful rays, water penetration, and penetration of de-icing and other chemicals. Keeping the harmful agents out and the materials that make up asphalt pavement in (sand, stone, liquid asphalt) stops the surface of the pavement from deteriorating prematurely. Sealcoating also gives the pavement a face lift and a jet- black appearance every time it is performed.

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