Parking Lots
Without pavement markings or signs, parking lots and roadways would be nothing more than crash zones. To ensure safe travel on roads, there needs to be center lines, directional arrows, stop bars, and crosswalks as well as speed limit signs, stop signs, construction zone signs, etc.
On parking lots there needs to be parking space designations, handicap parking designations, directional arrows and designated fire lane curbs as well as handicap signs and no parking signs.

While the pavement markings and signage on new pavements are determined by the construction drawings, existing pavements can become outdated and must be brought up to code. Faded markings should be repainted as necessary to keep parking lots safe.

Ask your Pavement Network professional for ideas on how to maximize your parking layout, and for his expertise in local stipulations on such items as no parking fire lanes, handicap parking designations and crosswalks.